SketchUp Pro Setup-Routine für Offline-Installation:
inkl. aller verfügbaren Sprachen



Parameters - EXE

For customized installs you can specify the language and/or the installation destination path.

  • “FEATURES=” is for adding the Language(s)
  • “INSTALLDIR=” is for specifying the Installation Destination

SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe /silent FEATURE=de INSTALLDIR=D:\Apps\Sketchup2020
SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe INSTALLDIR=D:\Apps\Sketchup2020
SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe /silent FEATURE=de,fr

Supported Languages

Feature Code Language
de German
es Spanish
fr French
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
pt_br OR pt-br Portuguese
ru Russian
sv Swedish
zh_cn OR zh-cn Chinese Simplified
zh_tw OR zh-tw Chinese Traditional


The installer creates an “InstallShield.log” from the directory where it was run, this can contain information useful for troubleshooting.

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