SketchUp Pro Setup-Routine für Offline-Installation:
inkl. aller verfügbaren Sprachen




Parameters EXE

For customized installs you can specify the language and/or the installation destination path.

  • “FEATURES=” is for adding the Language(s)
  • “INSTALLDIR=” is for specifying the Installation Destination

SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe /silent FEATURE=de INSTALLDIR=D:\Apps\Sketchup2020
SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe INSTALLDIR=D:\Apps\Sketchup2020
SketchUpPro2020-0-363-132.exe /silent FEATURE=de,fr

Supported Languages

Feature Code Language
de German
es Spanish
fr French
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
pt_br OR pt-br Portuguese
ru Russian
sv Swedish
zh_cn OR zh-cn Chinese Simplified
zh_tw OR zh-tw Chinese Traditional


The setup parameters above can be used with the EXEcutable only, the MSI does currently not support setup parameters.


The installer creates an “InstallShield.log” from the directory where it was run, this can contain information useful for troubleshooting.

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