Creating partially scaled Objects : Objekt teilweise skalieren (0:58)

Creating partially scaled objects in SketchUp – Quick Win

Moving a Point : Punkt verschieben (0:42)

Moving a Point – Quick Win

Temporary Reference Geometry : Temporäre Referenz-Geometrie (0:51)

Temporary Reference Geometry – Quick Win

Unlocking Geo Location Layer : Geo-Lokalisation entsperren (0:48)

Unlocking Geo Location Layers – Quick Win

How to rotate non-orthogonal Geometry :
Wie nicht-orthogonale Geometrie rotieren (0:59)

How to rotate non-orthogonal geometry in SketchUp – Quick Win

Modifier Key Essentials : Options-Tastenkürzel (0:52)

Modifier Key essentials – Quick Win

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